I first saw Dr. Clark ten years ago. The reason I came to him was because I had severe scoliosis, and tremendous back pain. The medical doctors told me I had to have surgery on my back. I am so glad I found Dr. Clark, his treatment kept me from going to the operating room.

– Ron S.

When I came to see Dr. Clark, I didn’t think anyone, or anything could help me with the pain in my mid-back. I saw M.D.’s, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and even other chiropractors. I had no hope but talked to Dr. Clark over the phone. He said that it was possible to help me, even after all of that. It worked. The pain is gone.

– Joe G.

I came to Dr. Clark’s office walking on crutches, due to the pain in my lower back, and right leg. I couldn’t walk without them. I had Sciatica down my right leg. I took between 10-20 Ibuprophen a day to try to dull the pain. It took two months, but one day I came into his office without the crutches, and without any pain. I now come in once a month, and feel great.

– Kevin A.

One morning I woke up and couldn’t move my neck. It was frozen stiff. My friend told me to see Dr. Clark because he had such good results with his problem. Normally I would have went to the medical doctor, but I listened to my friend and went to Dr. Clark. In two treatments I could move my neck normally. To me it was a miracle. I would highly recommend his care.

– Kelly P.

I came to Dr. Clark because my daughter was seeing him. I have never seen a doctor with so much compassion, and respect for a patient. He listens to my concerns, and sincerely cares about me getting better. My lower back pain is much improved.

– Judy P.

I have seen 15 chiropractors in my life. Dr. Clark is the best chiropractor I have seen.

– John L.

Dr. Clark is different than the other doctors I have seen. He is personable, and takes time to listen to you when you talk. I never feel like I am just a number, or that I am being pushed out the door of his office like I have with many other physicians. The feeling you get is comfortable, and yet professional.

– Mike R.