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1801 S 324th Pl
Federal Way, WA 98003

Telephone: (253) 373-9902

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  • 25 years experience providing thorough chiropractic treatment for all kinds of spinal conditions.
  • When you call the office you will talk to the doctor about your problem.
  • The doctor will let you know if chiropractic treatment is needed for your condition or, if some other form of treatment would be appropriate.
  • Dr. Clark has ten different chiropractic techniques he can use to help realign your spine and make you feel better. Dr. Clark will find the chiropractic technique(s) that works best for your specific spinal problem.
  • Dr. Clark is a provider for almost all insurance plans and has easy payment plans for those who don't have insurance.

Clark Chiropractic

1801 S 324th Pl Federal Way, WA, 98003 USA Ph: (253) 373-9902