Why Chiropractic?

Almost everyone experiences spinal pain at sometime in their life. It is one of the most common ailments people have from time to time. Unfortunately, most people do not understand why they have this pain or where it comes from. Back and neck pain for the most part come from a disruption between the vertebrae (back bones) in your spine. To be more specific, it would be considered a misaligned vertebra. In a spine that is considered normal, each vertebra needs to be in alignment with those above and below it. Deviation from the normal alignment causes pressure on the nerve root that exists between these misaligned vertebrae causing pain. This, in turn, decreases motion in that area of the spine, increases muscle spasms and may even cause numbness or tingling. Medical doctors will often diagnose muscle spasms with this kind of problem when, in fact, the muscle spasm is secondary to the nerve root pressure. By taking X-rays, the chiropractor can diagnose this condition. After evaluation of the misaligned vertebrae on X-ray, the doctor can apply gentle force into the spine to start the process of realignment of vertebrae. The corrective forces cause the vertebrae to reconfigure back to the normal position which takes pressure off the nerve root in between the vertebrae. This results in the pain going away.

Medical doctors are not trained to look for misaligned vertebrae. A majority of people go to M.D.s when experiencing neck or back pain. Regretfully, most people don't learn the real cause of their problem but, instead, get something to cover it up (painkillers). Not all back and neck pain conditions are misaligned vertebrae but a high percentage of these cases are. This is why you should consider choosing chiropractic first. It is less costly, less invasive and more likely to identify the root of the problem.